#CitiTrends Episode 36: The Season Finale

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The review team: From Right: Ethel Cofie of Edel Technology Consulting, Fiifi Baidoo of iSpace and Maximus Ametorgoh of PopOut

All too soon Season One has come to an end.

Thirty minutes of technology talk, enlightening a population, empowering a generation and influencing lives.

This is the 2015 technology review edition of the show.

The show featured Maximus Ametorgoh of popOut, Ethel D Cofie of Edel Technology Consulting and Fiifi Baidoo of iSpace.

On the Agenda:

1. New Technologies and Gadgets in 2015
2. Acquisitions, Mergers and Leadership Battles in 2015
3. Social Media in 2015
4. Prospects for 2016

Enjoy it.


#CitiTrends Episode 35: Technology attacks Art vrs Nokia’s missed opportunities

There is always something to expect when you listen to #CitiTrends and this week packs its own surprises.

We start with a conversation about the opportunities that Nokia missed when it was flying high about a decade ago and how it has allowed itself to be overtake by Apple and Samsung. A former associate of Nokia and currently the Associate Director at TNS in Ghana, Nicola March joins me to share some thoughts.

Today, people are using computers to sometimes create things that are simply unbelievable. Technology is disrupting everything including the fine arts industry. But, how bad is it in Ghana? I caught up with a Ghanaian painter who uses charcoal for his work. His name is Kendall Nkrumah.

Apiorkor Seyram Ashong joins the show with the weekly dose of productivity apps including ID, Cortana and Everalbum. Mawuli Tsikata is also on hand to bring you up to date with the latest news from eh world of technology over the last week.

But if you do not believe me, press play and check it out yourself.


#CitiTrends Episode 34: Ghana’s digital lifestyle vrs Ghana’s mobile money ecosystem


As the year draws to a close, we save the best conversations for last.

On the show tonight, we speak to a group called TNS who through their research called Connected Life – a global study of the digital attitudes and behaviours of 60,500 internet users across 50 countries, exploring how technology is transforming the lives of consumers across the world. Adewale Obaseki is the Managing Director of TNS Ghana and he shares some insight.

Our second conversation is about mobile money and following the emergence of Mpesa in Kenya, the mobile money gospel has spread far and wide. However, how big is it in Ghana? I have a conversation with the co-founder of Zeepay, one of the Ghana and Africa’s emerging voices and platforms for mobile money transactions, about the industry. His name is Andrew Takyi-Appiah.

Nana Boakye-Yiadom shares some of the latest trending technology related stories on the Trending segment of the show.

Apiorkor Seyram Ashong is also on with the Apps segment and she shares Ink Cards, Adobe Premiere Clip and Yahoo Messenger as the apps for the day.

Enjoy the show.


#CitiTrends Episode 33: Lobbying with specifics vrs KINGS redefined


Eric Osiakwan

Podcast time for another great episode of #CitiTrends.


On the show this week, Ethel Cofie, CEO of Edel Technology Consulting and founder of Women in Tech Africa returns to conclude the discussion on technology lobby groups in Ghana. She speaks about specific areas that lobby groups must focus on in Ghana.

Last week we heard from a panel of speakers talking about investing in African technology solutions at the Africa Technology Summit 2015. Eric Osiakwan who is a managing partner at Chanzo Capital makes a return and expatiates on his KINGS concept and Africa’s technology ecosystem and the prospects therein.

Awo Apaloo shares three mobile applications of the Apps Segment on the show. they are Trucaller, Snapseed and Office Lens. Mawuli Tsikata is also on hand to bring you up date with the latest technology trends from around the world.

Enough of the brief. Enjoy the show.


#CitiTrends Episode 32: Lobbying for tech in Ghana vrs Investing in African tech


Ethel Cofie, Founder of Women in Tech Africa

When there is a technology conversation to be had in Ghana, it happens on #CitiTrends.

The show this week features one of the women who has been advocating for the regularising of tech lobby groups in Ghana. She is the CEO of Edel Technology Consulting and founder of Women in Tech Africa, Ethel Cofie. I started off by asking Ethel if she thought Ghana really needed a tech lobby group in the first place.

The conversations about investing in African technology solutions then takes centre stage. Eric Osiakwan who is the managing partner at Chanzo Capital shares a little about his ‘KINGS’ concept. Amber Fowler who is a partner at Echo VC also talk about the some of the areas being invested in. Ben White, CEO of VC4Africa talks about where the investments were directed in Africa in terms of the technology space. Finally you hear from Vincent Kouwenhoven who is a managing partner at eVentures Africa Fund.

Awo Apaloo shares some insight about three mobile applications from three different platforms in the Apps segment of the show. There is Box from Windows mobile, Youtube Music from iOS and then Signal from Android. Nana Boakye-Yiadom then brings you up to date with the latest technology news in the Trending segment of the show.

Enough chatter. Get to listening.