Diversity brings change

Diversity brings change

As i stood in the corner of the shop looking for the best angle to take this shot,
i thought to myself…

What is the fuss usually about anyway..

Days are spent selecting one of these. Time is spent sending to a seamstress. Moments are spent worrying about whether the right design will be achieved.

“Excuse me,” a lady said behind me.

There was nothing to remember about this woman. She just had on some of the finest prints i had come across. She was in slippers. Dreads. Even her bag was in print.

I guess that is when i got it.

Staying different will make you act different.

Diversify. Change

Being Bourgeois (& Other Ghanaian Delusions)

Now this is writing

Kobby Ankomah-Graham

I keep finding myself in conversations with people who whip out the word ‘bourgeois’. Some are loud and proud about it. Others mention the word in hushed tones, serving it up like they would a sly wink. Regardless of the approach, I wince.

The ‘poor African’ stereotype is a particularly strong one. Those who do not fit within it become deeply sensitive to it. You do everything you can to defy, avoid, subvert or destroy it. It’s not that non-poor Africans are arrogant or in denial. It’s that there is more than one African. You can’t herd everyone under one label, and where existing labels do not fit, people will find or create new ones.

At times, however, the new labels we find and create push so far in the opposite direction that they lose touch with reality. The label ‘bourgeois’ is – to me – one such step too…

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Soul Sister

She is different. Loves games, toys and she knows how to have fun.
If you haven’t met her, sorry.. She is one heck of a gal

She hosts a show that brings your day at work to life.  She gets it that you might be enjoying work so much, so she makes it easy on you.

Programmes Manager, Citi FM

She is.. Beef about it.. Cry about it.. BUT She just is