Birds Eye View

I like being nestled up here. It was a great place to take shots. This one included. It gives you a picture of what God sees on a daily doesn't it?

Perfection is an art; Steve Bedi gets it

I saw him perform and i understood why the world would gro crazy about him. He is a delight to watch and listen to. Not the greatest of all time, but definitely the greatest thing to happen to the sax in recent history in Ghana. Steve Bedi  

Battle with the dreamkillers – M.anifest’s ‘Ebei’ –

As has become the tradition of several artists in Ghana, after being handed an award at the ‘glitzy’ event at either the conference centre or the national theatre, a track usually follows to satisfy a number of reasons. The track either tells of how they had to hustle to get where they are, or about …