Moments with Nia Evans – Xpress Radio style

Nia Medl Evans
Nia Medl Evans in the Xpress Radio studios with me

Its moments like this that i know i will never forget.

Moments when people evolve into friends and acquaintances become bonds.

My guest on the 26th October edition of Rhythms, Nia Medl Evans, was someone who made that evolution pretty well. Rhythms is my Xpress Radio Show dedicated to Afro Pop, Afro Caribbean and all of that kind of thing.

When i asked her to be on the show, there was very little hesitation and though the week preceding that had been mind bogglingly tiring (she works with the BBC), she still made.

She posses not a streak, but a whole stream of musical genius for which reason her contribution on the show was most necessary.

Studying MA International Journalism, Nia is arguably the heart and soul of Welsh band Clinigol which means ‘Clinical.’ Its origins, as she told me on the show came deep from the depths of a persons initials. (lol, got you there didn’t i?)

She speaks so fondly of the people in her life; her sister, Carys Eleri, whom she absolutely adores, her band mates, her course mates and her beloved girlfriend, Sally Anne.

Her views on music are truly insightful and her persona is electric.

Doubt it?

Take a listen and make your judgement



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