This is Divinity

The road for Fairy PoolsThis is divinity

There is green and blue and turquoise and brown and black and floating branches

There is marble and stone and rock and hard objects I simply do not know about.

There is water, lots of water.

Ripples from unknown sources beyond the bend.

There is crashing sound, waterfall-sound, flowing sound, bubbling sound, amazing sound.

I could sit here forever.

The water is clear as day, pure as light; rich and tranquil.

This place calls to me. Invites me in. Wants me in.

The hairs on my neck are standing yet the warmth of my spirit glows.

I am alive.

This is divinity.

No explosion could have caused to into existence. No molecular construction could have reasoned the intricacies of this ground.

No. None.

I stand atop a hill looking up a mountain.

I sit in a place where men have made war and women made life.

I sit in a place where God’s hand has touched the earth.

This is divinity.


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