I cry

There is emotion in you... Express it

Do you sometimes sit by yourself

Alone in the nakedness of your thoughts

To the sound of your beating heart

In the comfort of your aloneness

Through all the organised chaos that is your life,

and cry?


Do you sometimes want to run around screaming

Declaring your love for a complete stranger because you feel like it

Singing away the blues of your depression

Rejoicing at the sight of your hopelessness

Acknowledging the helplessness of your strength,

and then cry?


Do you want to cry?

I am crying.

There is no reason. There is no cause.

I just sit here and cry.

There is a swelling in my heart

A heaving of my chest

An instability in my touch

A quickening of the beats that make up a heartbeat.

I feel human

I feel real

There is blood, water, air, life

They flow inside me

My senses are disarmed

My pride is lost

My being is overcome

and then i cry.


I smile as i cry.

There is a music in the distance that wills me on

That wills me to scream

That calls me to let go.

Do you know that feeling?

I do.

I feel it now.

It is empowering

Relieving, comforting, soothing

I cry.


Not for the failures of my days

Not for burdens that await my shoulder’s support

Not for the prospects of futures unknown

Not for the great unknown unknowns.

None of that.

I cry because i can. Because i want to

My spirit needs it. My self need it.

I need it.

I need to cry.

Yes, i cry.



Credit: Music by: The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

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