Spread your wings,  Fly into a new day

Spread your wings,
Fly into a new day

“A life well lived.”

That is what dead people wish is said about them as they lie 6 feet under.

Thing is, they probably will never know.

They have lived. They are gone.

Its your turn now.

You are living today.

LIVE, for Christ sake.

Spread your wings and Fly!

I am doing so. Trained and ready to take on the world.

Its going to be one heck of a ride, i know that.

But so help me God, i am going to run this town!

There is a new African in town. He speaks with authority and grounding. He sees life in a new light.

He is not alone. His life is the expression of the freedom his generation yearns.

Join him or not, he cares not. I care not.

I am ready to Live. To Dream and Work till it manifests.


The hashtag that characterises me at this present time.

Let it represent a new beginning for you.

Rise and lets work our selves to the bone.

Let us work ourselves and transform.


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