#CitiTrends Episode 6: OTTs vs Telcos in Ghana and Wikipedia

Credit: telco-ott.com
Credit: telco-ott.com

Welcome back from the Easter break to another episode of #CitiTrends.

When Facebook purchased the mobile-messaging startup called WhatsApp for $19 billion people thought the company was bonkers. However industry people knew what sort of strategic decision that was. Today mobile phone companies are losing out on lots of cash as apps such as WhatsApp and vibe thrive by giving users the ability to text and chat at no charge. Technology activist and digital marketing strategist, Maximus Ametorgoh shares his understanding on what the situation looks like for Ghanaian telecommunication companies.

Everyone uses Wikipedia. People write long essays with information from there. The English Wikipedia, which most Ghanaians use has over 4 million articles. The number of contributions from Ghana are however, low. Worse off are Ghanaian languages on Wikipedia such as Akan and Ewe. The way to solve the editor deficit is by encouraging and educating people about the fact that Wikipedia is an Internet property and it invites editors from all walks to participate. There are barriers however. Ghanaian representative of Wikipedia and Wikimedia, Sandister Tei shares her views on these barriers and some solutions.

On #Apps this week, Awo presents BriefMe and Office Lens as the two new apps for the week.

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Adabraka, Accra, Ghana

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