#CitiTrends Episode 9: Google ranking algorithm and Women in Tech Africa

Credit: Women in Tech Africa
Credit: Women in Tech Africa

When search giant Google decided to introduce a new ranking system for websites on its search engine, millions panicked. They were right to. Imagine waking up to realise your site’s ranking has been lowered tremendously because your site was not mobile friendly! I caught up with Divine Puplampu, a technology journalist, and asked him for some more details.

Journalist, Emmanuel Dogbevi, Malta, was at the IFA Global Press Conference which is a meeting place of over 360 journalists from more than 50 countries and leading consumer technology companies such as Philips, Grundig, ZTE, and Gibson and Microsoft. New technology that could knock you off your feet was showcased and he shared with me some the things that caught his eye.

I was also one of the lucky guys in the room at the Women in Tech Africa (Ghana Chapter) event at Alisa Hotel. The Women in Tech Africa is a formal Pan-African Network of Women in Technology who organise regular activities to provide effective support to women in technology across the African continent. The theme for the event was Women in technology – the future of Africa. Founder of Women in Tech Ghana, Ethel Cofie; Airtel MD, Lucy Quist; Mobile Web Ghana Director, Florence Toffah and David Hutchful, Director of technology and innovation at Grameen Foundation feature here.

Awo shares the gospel according to CLEAR and Mailbox from Dropbox on the Apps segment on the show while Nathan Quao brings you up to date with the latest technology news.

All this and more on the 9th episode of #CitiTrends.

Adabraka, Accra, Ghana

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