#CitiTrends Episode 11: Mobile Platform wars & Data Protection in Ghana

Source: SMSGH
Source: SMSGH

Greetings earthlings, Its time to talk technology again.

When you log on to any social media network, you are basically opening your life up to the world. What happens when there is a breach of security and someone access your information illegally? What happens when your personal information is hacked into or stolen? Is anyone looking our for you in Ghana? Did you know that there is a body set up to protect your privacy and your personal data by regulating the processing, retrieval and usage of personal information? Well there is and i caught up with the Executive Director for the Data Protection Commission, Mrs Teki Falconer to have a chat about her commission’s role in this fast-moving data driven world we live in.

Mobile phone penetration is high in Ghana, however, smartphones account for only 15% of this penetration. Government has agreed to remove 20% tax on smartphone imports. This means more and more smartphones coming into the country soon… we hope. Now, there are three major mobile platforms in use to in Ghana. Android which can be found in most Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and HTC phones. Then there is iOS which is the platform that powers the iPhone and the iPad. Then there is the Windows Phone which powers the Lumia range of phones. Now this war is raging and every quarter, the battle mostly exists between iOS and Android. With Windows getting ready to release Windows 10, the dynamics could change. Alex Agjei Bram is the CEO of SMS GH and we spoke about these developments. 

Mawuli Tsikata shares some of the best technology related news from the past week while Nathan Quao steps in for Awo Apaloo (who is on holiday) with some apps to get acquainted with. The apps featured today are ‘Pacemaker’ and ‘Ready Contact List’. In the #CitiTrends 2-minute App Pitch Challenge, we feature an app called BuzzTrick’.

Press play and take a listen to the show.

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