#Cititrends Episode 15: Ghanaian tech lobbyists vrs Paying the right fees for government services

Source: Ispace

Source: Ispace

Olla and welcome to a new week of #CitiTrends.

The most profitable companies across the world are technology companies. From the Apples to the Googles to the Amazons, these companies are driving economies. Yet, they all started out as startups, small companies, which had a conducive atmosphere to grow. There are several technology companies in Ghana. There is also a growing underground movement of startups as well. However, it almost feels like their impact is not being felt. To get a better appreciation of the situation in Ghana currently, i caught up with Fiifi Baidoo and we shared some ideas.

Also in part one of a three part interview session, i speak to some technology minds as they develop applications and platforms to keep government accountable. I caught up with them at an event organised by Penplusbytes and its partners in Ghana. In this episode i feature the platform known as ‘Know your Payment’ and Elikplim Sablah speaks about it.

Awo Apaloo shares BriefMe and Layout as the apps for the week you should check out and Mawuli Tsikata bring you the latest in tech news from the past week including the new Google Mail feature of retracting an email 30 seconds after sending it.

Enjoy the show.

#CitiTrends Episode 14: Quarter 2 Review of Trending Technology Issues

It was a great show as host of the trending section of #CitiTrends, Mawuli Tsikata joined in to look back at the second quarter and share ideas on what lies ahead in the coming months.

The show looked at the May 2015 interview with Alex Agjei Bram, CEO of SMS GH, and his take on the mobile platform war between Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Ghanaian actress, producer, director and tech fanatic Juliet Asante shared her thoughts on the changes within the movie industry as a result of the disruptions by technology.

Technology activist and digital marketing strategist, Maximus Ametorgoh then jumped in with his understanding of Over The Top (OTT) technologies Tango, WhatsApp, Skype or Wechat and the like were doing to the telecommunications industry in Ghana.

Press play and Enjoy the show.

#CitiTrends Episode 13: Surviving June 3 and beyond and Being Apple spellbound

Source: flipboard.com

Source: flipboard.com

Another week is here and we get chatty about technology on #CitiTrends.

On June 3, after several hours of rain, several parts of Accra were flooded. There was an explosion that happened around the Kwame Nkrumah Circle that took the lives of over 150 people. All through the disaster period, it was clear that technology and especially social media was playing a critical role in keeping people informed and cautioning others about how to stay safe. Founder of Ghanahealthnest.com, Kobby Blay, spoke about it all.

Also, after Apple’s #WWDC2015 i felt it prudent to look into how the new announcements from the tech company meant for Ghanaians. I caught up with Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Coach, Maximus Ametorgoh and asked him about the launch and what the announcements mean for you and me in Ghana.

Awo also shares two applications on the Apps segment. Enjoy the show.

Counting our Losses – The day after Accra floods

Source: Kofimusings

Source: Kofimusings

I will be emotionally scared for life.

I know that.

I never doubted that.

However, i needed to tell this story. It is my duty. My responsibility to chronicle these events.

I did it with pride.

Watch this video and let it cause you to act. Let us stand today against this irrational posturing from our leaders.


#CitiTrends Episode 12: Microsoft in Africa & Tech in the Movie space

Derrick Appiah, Country Manager (Ghana) for Microsoft  Photo Credit: Kofimusings

Derrick Appiah, Country Manager (Ghana) for Microsoft
Photo Credit: Kofimusings

Another week and something brand new to bring you.

#CitiTrends this week we look at Microsoft.

The company has for several years been considered the number one software maker around the world. Its operating system, Windows, has been the default operating system a lot of people, especially in Africa. Over the last couple of years, however, that ‘monopoly’ has taken a hit from the likes of Apple and Google. I caught up with Microsoft’s new country manager for Ghana, Derrick Appiah, and had a conversation about it. I started by asking him about his vision for Ghana following comments he had made earlier in the year about youth employability.

Also all around the world, technology is disrupting everything including the movie industry. In Ghana, there have been several complaints about how technology is killing the industry because of streaming services like Youtube and the like. However, is that it? Should movie makers just roll over and die? I don’t think so. I sat with seasoned Ghanaian actress, producer, director and tech fanatic Juliet Asante and we had a conversation about it.

Awo returns with some Apps to keep you productive. She shares Office Lens for Windows Phone users and RealTimes for Android and iOS users. Mawuli Tsikata also shares the latest on trending technology related news on the Trending segment of the show.