#Cititrends Episode 15: Ghanaian tech lobbyists vrs Paying the right fees for government services

Source: Ispace
Source: Ispace

Olla and welcome to a new week of #CitiTrends.

The most profitable companies across the world are technology companies. From the Apples to the Googles to the Amazons, these companies are driving economies. Yet, they all started out as startups, small companies, which had a conducive atmosphere to grow. There are several technology companies in Ghana. There is also a growing underground movement of startups as well. However, it almost feels like their impact is not being felt. To get a better appreciation of the situation in Ghana currently, i caught up with Fiifi Baidoo and we shared some ideas.

Also in part one of a three part interview session, i speak to some technology minds as they develop applications and platforms to keep government accountable. I caught up with them at an event organised by Penplusbytes and its partners in Ghana. In this episode i feature the platform known as ‘Know your Payment’ and Elikplim Sablah speaks about it.

Awo Apaloo shares BriefMe and Layout as the apps for the week you should check out and Mawuli Tsikata bring you the latest in tech news from the past week including the new Google Mail feature of retracting an email 30 seconds after sending it.

Enjoy the show.

Adabraka, Accra, Ghana

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