#CitiTrends Episode 35: Technology attacks Art vrs Nokia’s missed opportunities

Source: http://www.ict-art-connect.eu

There is always something to expect when you listen to #CitiTrends and this week packs its own surprises.

We start with a conversation about the opportunities that Nokia missed when it was flying high about a decade ago and how it has allowed itself to be overtake by Apple and Samsung. A former associate of Nokia and currently the Associate Director at TNS in Ghana, Nicola March joins me to share some thoughts.

Today, people are using computers to sometimes create things that are simply unbelievable. Technology is disrupting everything including the fine arts industry. But, how bad is it in Ghana? I caught up with a Ghanaian painter who uses charcoal for his work. His name is Kendall Nkrumah.

Apiorkor Seyram Ashong joins the show with the weekly dose of productivity apps including ID, Cortana and Everalbum. Mawuli Tsikata is also on hand to bring you up to date with the latest news from eh world of technology over the last week.

But if you do not believe me, press play and check it out yourself.


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