#CitiTrends S02 Ep 3: FBI/Apple and the Ghana lessons & Instant Messaging in Africa

tim-cook-apple-sign-dark-shadowAnother great show for the people!

Another great session of conversations on tech and more.

WhatsApp, Viber, Wechat, iMessage. These are just some of the very popular instant messaging mobile applications. According to research conducted by TNS global called Connected Lives, daily instant messaging in Ghana has grown from 74% to 86% in 2015 among internet users. Managing Director of TNS Global, Adewale Obaseki shares some insight for marketers.

With the biggest tech related story around the world being what appears to be a standoff between Apple and the FBI over the unlocking of an iPhone 5c which was used by one of the shooters in the San Fernandino incident, we try to understand the issues. Sam Fiifi Bartels, lawyer specialising in Technology Media and Telecoms Law; and Derry Dean Dadzie, Chief Doer at DreamOval join the show for some thoughts.

Awo Apaloo shares Everalbum, Adobe Premiere Clip and SelfieX as the mobile applications for the week in the Apps segment.

Mawuli Tsikata also brings you up to date with the latest tech stories in the Trending segment of the show.

Here is the show for another listen.


Shades of you 

Elmina-35Deep in the recesses of my emotions

In a place where words fail

A place where logic holds no ground

I find a place where my mind rests easy

A place where liberation is true and freedom is gifted

A place where I find you


Laboured speech, quivering nerves

Sanctioned expression, unshackled courage

You peer into my self

Pry open my core

You Navigate the choppy waters of my darkness

And Liberate my burdened affection held down by the chains of grief

You allow me to dream

Dreams of hearty laughs and cozied hugs

Dreams of quickened heartbeats and spontaneous  spasms

Dreams of spending every waking moment with you


Staring into your face

Capturing every inch and detail

Every metre of flesh

Every millimetre of vessel

I laugh, I cry, I scream

You fill me

You do not complete my sentences

But you complete me

#CitiTrends S02 Ep 2: Bisa App vrs Government policy on your privacy


Raindolf Owusu and myself after the recording session.

Another great week is here and your number technology show in Ghana is back.

On the show this week, Raindolf Owusu who is the Founder and President of the Bisa Health App shares his thoughts on the use of technology to solve some of the nation’s health difficulties and how the Bisa app is helping the process.

Ghana’s parliament is currently considering the Postal Packets and Telecommunications Messages Bill 2016! This is confusing and interesting at the same because the committee in Parliament is now requesting for input from the public about a bill that most Ghanaians are not even aware of in the first place!!! Maximus Ametorgoh shares his two cents on the matter.

Awo is back with some apps for the week and they are the 7-minute workout, Mimicker Alarm and Movesum. 

Mawuli Tsikata updates you on the top tech news stories of the past week.

Check out the show now.




#CitiTrends S02 Ep1: Fintech vrs Safer Internet

fintechThe Show is back, with vengeance.

And we pick up where we left of.

In the first show of the year, we tackle FinTech. Quite honestly it does feel like an overused word these days. Everyone is using it. But what does it mean? Paul Damalie is the Chapter Lead for NexBank Accra and he shares some knowledge on the subject.

Awo Aidam Amenyah, Executive Director of JInitiative, also joins the show as we discuss Safer Internet Day and how Ghanaians can be positioned to stay safer on the internet.

Nana Boakye-Yiadom brings you up to date with the latest in technology news from around the world. Farida Shaibu bring you three mobile apps for the season of love. The apps are HowAboutWe, Tastebuds and OkCupid.

Press play and enjoy the show.