#CitiTrends S02 Ep 2: Bisa App vrs Government policy on your privacy

Raindolf Owusu and myself after the recording session.

Another great week is here and your number technology show in Ghana is back.

On the show this week, Raindolf Owusu who is the Founder and President of the Bisa Health App shares his thoughts on the use of technology to solve some of the nation’s health difficulties and how the Bisa app is helping the process.

Ghana’s parliament is currently considering the Postal Packets and Telecommunications Messages Bill 2016! This is confusing and interesting at the same because the committee in Parliament is now requesting for input from the public about a bill that most Ghanaians are not even aware of in the first place!!! Maximus Ametorgoh shares his two cents on the matter.

Awo is back with some apps for the week and they are the 7-minute workout, Mimicker Alarm and Movesum. 

Mawuli Tsikata updates you on the top tech news stories of the past week.

Check out the show now.




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