Shades of you 

Elmina-35Deep in the recesses of my emotions

In a place where words fail

A place where logic holds no ground

I find a place where my mind rests easy

A place where liberation is true and freedom is gifted

A place where I find you


Laboured speech, quivering nerves

Sanctioned expression, unshackled courage

You peer into my self

Pry open my core

You Navigate the choppy waters of my darkness

And Liberate my burdened affection held down by the chains of grief

You allow me to dream

Dreams of hearty laughs and cozied hugs

Dreams of quickened heartbeats and spontaneous  spasms

Dreams of spending every waking moment with you


Staring into your face

Capturing every inch and detail

Every metre of flesh

Every millimetre of vessel

I laugh, I cry, I scream

You fill me

You do not complete my sentences

But you complete me

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