#CitiTrends S02 Ep 3: FBI/Apple and the Ghana lessons & Instant Messaging in Africa

tim-cook-apple-sign-dark-shadowAnother great show for the people!

Another great session of conversations on tech and more.

WhatsApp, Viber, Wechat, iMessage. These are just some of the very popular instant messaging mobile applications. According to research conducted by TNS global called Connected Lives, daily instant messaging in Ghana has grown from 74% to 86% in 2015 among internet users. Managing Director of TNS Global, Adewale Obaseki shares some insight for marketers.

With the biggest tech related story around the world being what appears to be a standoff between Apple and the FBI over the unlocking of an iPhone 5c which was used by one of the shooters in the San Fernandino incident, we try to understand the issues. Sam Fiifi Bartels, lawyer specialising in Technology Media and Telecoms Law; and Derry Dean Dadzie, Chief Doer at DreamOval join the show for some thoughts.

Awo Apaloo shares Everalbum, Adobe Premiere Clip and SelfieX as the mobile applications for the week in the Apps segment.

Mawuli Tsikata also brings you up to date with the latest tech stories in the Trending segment of the show.

Here is the show for another listen.


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