#CitiTrends S02E8:The Battle of the OTT vrs #MOBEX16

13285544_10154061827415170_1828935315_nAfter several weeks we are back and with a real bang.

Over The Top technologies have caused so much debate in Ghana. There tried to debate the matter on the show. It led to a debate. A really heated conversation between Derek Laryea who is the Head of Research and Communications at the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications and Papa Kwame who is the Head of product development and innovation at Capital Bank. He is also a Software engineer.

Ethel Coffie also passed through the show after picking up an award at the Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards winner for the IT consulting firm of the year award (Edel Technology Consulting).

We speak about the Africa Mobile and ICT Expo 2016 (#MOBEX16) with Alain Gbeasor and Kofi Asamoah, all of Coasters Company Limited who are the organisers of the event.

Enjoy the show.

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