#CitiTrends S03 Ep7: The Interactive & Digital Entertainment Industry in Ghana

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-27 at 20.58.29When you watch a movie or read a book, its known as non-interactive entertainment.

However, when you engage in a game or leisure activity where your decisions directly affect the game. That is known as interactive entertainment.

Paul Ziem is the CEO of NerdCore Entertainment Studio and his life has revolved around video games, it’s media, the people and the industry. He shares some insight about the scale of the industry in Ghana and how other people can be a part of it.

There is a health app and some news about Amazon and Twitter in the Apps and Trending segments of the show as well.


#CitiTrends S03 Ep 6: Crowdfunding in Ghana: The Realities

Show Promos-8For many people, getting money to start a company, chase a dream, get married or even fix a borehole is a headache. They search within their communities for funds but to no fruitful end.

I guess they have not tried crowdfunding yet!That is the focus of the show for this week. We have a chat with Anita Asiedu who shares some great insight about crowdfunding in Ghana and the opportunities therein.

She also mentions some things you should be cautious about!

There is a ticketing app as well on the show in the APPS segment and we talk about Google, WhatsApp and many others in the Trending segment of the show./

Enjoy it.

#CitiTrends S03 Ep5: Open Data for a better Ghana

Show PromosThe arguments for and against the concept of open data are varied. It in indeed a global argument actually. However, it is a global argument everyone should be having. This week we decided to make it our business on the show.

In the studio with me was Jerry Akanyi-King (@MrJerryAKing), who is the CEO of Transgov, a platform dedicated to using open data platforms to promote social accountability by getting citizens to participate in local governance.

There is also a bit of church on the show in the Apps segment and we talk about leaks and more in the Trending segment of the show.


#CitiTrends S03 Ep4: Advertising Tech and Digital Marketing Trends

show-promos-6Advertising and Marketing are crucial to the survival of any business or endeavour and as such impossible for us to kick start the year without touching on it, albeit briefly.

That was the focus of the show this week and my guest was Donald Ward (@DonaldWardGh) who is the President for Start-Up Cafe Africa and has about 6 years experience in PR, Social and Digital marketing.

We spoke about trends in the digital marketing space for 2017 and also some advertising technology that business owners and individuals should be looking to.

Ammishaddai Ofori shared some insight into an entrepreneurship drive that Flippy Campus was engaged in and Jeffrey also gave insight about a new PASSCO mobile application to help students prepare for their exams.

All this, plus more, on the show. Enjoy.