The SnooCODE Debacle: Preliminary Thoughts

DSC_0447-2.jpgA lot has been said about SnooCODE’s failure to land a government contract for a digital property addressing system.

The debate has raged on various platforms.

Having interviewed snooCODE on a number of occasions, I have questioned the process myself. I have engaged in Facebook and WhatsApp debates.

Here are some preliminary thoughts as we continue to chase the truth and empower Ghana’s technology entrepreneurs for the future.


– SnooCODE submitted a bid that was in excess of 3 pages. The executive Summary alone was more than three pages.

– SnooCODE was offering its platform to Ghana for FREE

– Till date, SnooCODE has not been officially communicated to as to why they were kicked out.

– I have not been employed, paid, coerced, hypnotized or influenced in any way by SnooCODE.
I do this for the tech community in Ghana who I believe have something incredible to offer this country.

– I fully support a national digital property addressing system which is done right and with the right people.



The word on the street is that Snoocode:

– Submitted a three paged ‘wrong’, ‘faulty’ and ‘incomplete’ document

– Was charging above and beyond what government was willing to pay for



Consider the following, if you care to think critically about how your nation is treating its technology entrepreneurs:

– How does an ordinary citizen or employee of Vokakom have access to the details of a closed bid? Are they members of the panel that reviewed the bids? If they are, is that not a far more serious case to worry about; that a member of the panel will use social media and online news portals to distribute confidential details of a bidding process?

– If the person or persons speaking ‘on authority’ about the details in SnooCODE’s bid is not on the review panel, then who is feeding them the information on the content of a SEALED bid?

– Where did the rest of the documents in SnooCODE’s bid disappear to? More than two copies of the bid were submitted; did all three copies have only three pages? Who stole the rest of the pages?

#CITITRENDS S03 EP 26: The Technology of Fashion, Ghana Cyber Security Week AND #MOBEX17 Closes

Show Promos-21

Another packed show for you!

Chloe Asaam joins me for a chat about technology and how it is disrupting the fashion industry in Ghana.

We then spoke about the Ghana Cyber Security week happening next week and then brought you voices from #MOBEX17.

All that, plus the apps and trending segments of the show.

Press Play and enjoy.


#CITITRENDS S03 EP 25: Bloom Impact, QLED TV and MOBEX 17

Show Promos-10The most packed show of the year! PERIOD!

First up were Carol Caruso and David Hutchful of Bloom Impact who are offer a digital service empowering businesses to learn about and access credit and savings products through their mobile phone.

Intriguing stuff if you ask me.

Then we launched into a conversation about Quantum Dot technology which has been baked into the latest iteration of Samsung televisions in what they call, QLED. My biggest take away from that chat was the ability of the tv to upscale the signal one receives to UHD quality to improve viewing pleasure. Then of course there is that function where you can transfer what you are watching on TV onto your phone.

Immersive stuff there.

Finally Tara Squire of Ecobank, Alain Gbeasor and George Spencer Quaye joined me for a chat about MOBEX 17 with kicks off on the 16th of October, 2017.

Just press play and enjoy.

#CITITRENDS S03 EP 24: Teaching tech and development in Ghana and Africa

Show Promos 11What a show!

Aaron Fu, MEST MD spoke to us in his first radio conversation in West Africa! That is a big deal.

He shared thoughts on collaborations between traditional and tech-centred educations formats, government’s involvements and also some examples of this that worked and those that don’t.

The folks from Young Women in Programming also joined us on the show.

Its a packed one, so press play and enjoy.