#CITITRENDS S04 EP 4: Blockchain applications beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Show Promos82People talk about blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin in the same sentence and often mix them up badly. They are very different however, as i learnt in this week’s show.

A great session with three insightful guests.

Dr. Gordon Adomdza (@DrGKAdomdza or @Ashesidesign) is a Senior Assistant Professor Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship at Ashesi University.

Cecil Senna Nutakor (@hyspah or @My_eCampus) is a leading authority on the use of technology for self-paced education in Ghana.

Yoofi Brown-Pobee is a student studying Management information systems at Ashesi University and the Organizing Lead for the Hackathon.

Together these three gave some of the best education on the topic you will find anywhere.


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