#CITITRENDS S04 EP 12: Defining and understanding online privacy

Show Promos 66How did you feel when your dad used to listen in on your phone conversations as a teenager? That is at the heart of the privacy conversation.

What does online privacy mean? What does it take to ensure your privacy online? What are the do’s or don’ts?

Technology Analyst, Maximus Ametorgoh was my guest on the show. He shared some pointers including:

– Be careful of the platforms you visit 

– Look out for the policy of the platforms you visit. Be very sure and clear about your personal policy 

–  Who are your associates online? Know them and their ways fo life

The rest are in the show. Take a listen.

#CITITRENDS S04 EP 11: Reviewing the World of Technology in Quarter 1

Show Promos-18Two ladies.

Varied expertise.

One show.

Patience Teiko Tetteh, a freelance Software Engineer (@jbosschic) and Lady-Omega Hammond, the CEO of Ampersand Technologies limited (@loanah) joined me as we reviewed the top technology stories of the last quarter on the show this week.

Interesting thoughts about freelancers software and apps store revenue among others.

The mobile apps for the week from Jeff are to die for and well, Mark Zuckerberg took over the Trending segment of the show.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 10: The next phase of STEM education in Ghana with STEMbees Organisation

Show Promos-41Who run the world?


Women as well, but that is a conversation for another day!

Two women joined me for a heartfelt conversation about STEM education in Ghana and what it means for the next generation of Ghanaian children.

Linda Ansong, Cofounder and executive director of STEMbees Organization an organization focused on empowering young African girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Angela Koranteng is a Cofounder of STEMbees Organization, and they joined me for this great chat.

There were tips on how to minimise the data your device consumes in the ‘How To’ segment and some really cool mobile applications in the Apps segment with Jeff. Farida was worried about the US Visa situation and the social media connection plus more in the Trending segment.

Enjoy the show.