#CITITRENDS S04 EP 17: Competent Digital Skills Gap: A Threat To Ghana’s Digital Agenda with Jorge Appiah, CEO of Kumasi Hive

Show Promos 32A ‘real’ talker is often hard to come by.

A talker who is a doer as well is even harder.

My guest this week checks all the boxes and even more.

Jorge Appiah, CEO of Kumasi Hive and Executive Chairman for Ghana Tech Hubs Network.

His main argument is that there is a far greater threat to the development of the tech ecosystem in Ghana than money or any other issues. He argues that competent skills are missing and the sooner we addressed the gap, the better. 

Enjoy the show.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 17: Accelerating Africa’s Global Dominance Through Tech

Show Promos-26Einstein was on my show.

The is perhaps all i should write.

I mean what else should i write but that.

Einstein Kofi Ntim, that is.

Einstein Ntim is a global speaker and tech ecosystem builder. He is the Founding Partner of GlobalStartupEcosystem.com (GSE) – the first and largest creator of digital online accelerators for startups, governments, and corporations that accelerates over a 1000 startups to market across 90 countries a year. Einstein is also the Founder of Ghana Tech Summit, Haiti Tech Summit, Space Startup Ecosystem and Space Tech Summit.

Need i say more?

Naa Oyoo Kumodzi, aka Linda, joined me to talk about what it means to be a social media influencer ahead of Social Influence Summit 2018!

It was a blast of a show.



#CITITRENDS S04 EP 17: AGRITECH – From Africa to the World

Show Promos-25My love for food is the soul behind this week’s show.

The questions behind who is producing our food for us, how they are finding the land to farm in 2018 where every available piece of land is being built upon, how farmers get the land and so one need answers.

The issues of tools for working, the cash, markets access, the technology and so many others need to be addressed

A Nigerian man who loves good food and was named 2017 Tech Startup CEO of the Year at the Nigeria Technology Awards, Onyeka Akumah, CEO of Farmcrowdy, was my guest.

Celebrate another good chat.