#CITITRENDS S04 EP 18: Samsung Note 9: Worth The hype?

Show Promos-2So finally the Samsung Note 9 has been released.

Finally I have had it in my hands for more than about a week.

I have to say, it is a very impressive device.

Michael Kwadade-Cudjoe of Tech support at Samsung, Baba Musah Al-Hassan who is a Key Account Manager and Master Trainer and also Jemima Stewart Codjoe, another Key Account Manager and Trainer joined me to answer some questions regarding the device.

My verdict after the using the device for a week however is as follows:

This is the best device battery I have seen on a mobile phone. It is not for everyone. If you are a power user, you are on the road a lot, you need a lot storage (not just for pictures)… this is your phone. Also if you want a one device and nothing else, this is it. Any mobile device that gives you 1TB of storage space is worth holding on to. Bixby is trying hard but has a long way to go. Security works if you use the traditional options, there is work to be done on the iris scanner and face detection. The camera offers a lot of options but there is little difference between that and the Galaxy S9. With this phone you have a very powerful all round device with amazing storage capacity and and a great build. 

Now, enjoy the show.

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  1. This is BIG .Just at hearing the specs of this gadget am already having chills. Please is there a direct site to access all the episodes of #CITITRENDS ? THANKS

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