#CitiTrends S05 EP7: 2019 Global Digital Trends & Trends to Watch in Ghana

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-26 at 09.23.40In a week of incredible device releases such as the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X, there was very little space for anything else.

On Tuesday however, Naasei Boadi flipped everything on its head when he joined the show to talk about the global digital landscape and lessons for Ghanaian businesses and organisations.

He shared data from research about the number of people using social media daily and which devices they used them on. He also shared insight on what these permutations meant for the Ghanaian digital space.

We also speak about the Betway Fintech Challenge 2019, a three-month journey to discover, train and reward some of the brightest Fintech ideas in Ghana. Over 50,000 available in cash prizes.

We have the Trending, Apps, Your Tech and How to segments as well on the show.


#CitiTrends S05 EP6: The Digital Survival Kit with Jemila Abdulai

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-17 at 19.36.56She is a content creator like very few.

She is a mind worth listening to.

She enjoys a great chat. And that is what we had on Citi Trends this week with Jemila Abdulai, founder of Circumspecte.

We spoke about what sort of skillsets and tools young entrepreneurs and business leaders need to survive in a digital future.

Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber West Africa joined me to talk about how safe Uber was.

Jeffrey, Farida, Mr Antwi and Mr Opoku were incredible as always on the show.


#CitiTrends S05 EP5: Funding Your Startup with Eric Osiakwan

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 08.14.58When you get the chance to set up a business, one of your biggest headaches is funding.
Where do you get the money, how do you pay back, how much money will you get? 
My guest this week was a serial investor, business leader and global technology icon. Eric Osiakwan is the Managing Partner of Chanzo Capital is an Entrepreneur and Investor with 15 years of ICT industry leadership across Africa and the world. He has worked in 32 African countries. 
He had some incredible insight to share about what funding means for a tech startup and how to get some. 

#CITITRENDS S05 EP 4: Building for Africa vrs Building in Africa with Ethel Cofie

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-05 at 12.00.01CEO of Edem Technology Consulting, Ethel Cofie was my guest on the show this week as we explored what it means and takes to build a technology company for Africa that serves the African continent and its needs as against building a technology company in Africa whose focus is outside of the content.


Ethel touched on everything from the money business to the lack of understanding of the global market to the lack of understanding of the African market.


Thoroughly enjoyable conversation.


We have the Apps, Trending, Your Tech and How to segments as well.
Take a listen.

#CITITRENDS S05 EP 3: Writing and Publishing in a Digital Age with Keni Ribeiro

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-28 at 17.41.35The queen was here.
What an episode!
Elated to have had the pleasure of chatting with blogger and writer Keni Ribeiro about what it means to write for a digital audience and also what platforms to distribute content on.
Keni spoke about her beginnings as a writer and her influences.
She shared insight into how to win in the content creation war and also some great life lessons for writers.
Incredible show.