#CITITRENDS S05 EP9: Building and Sustaining Communities Online for Offline Impact

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-08 at 20.03.06Online communities are for bonding and reaching out to one another.
They create the spaces for people to share ideas and help resolve problems.
How do you know which communities to join?  where are the most impacting conversations happening? Who are the leaders and how can you keep the community accountable?
Gameli Adzaho, lead for Facebook Community Leadership Circles, Accra joined me on the show this week to discuss BUILDING AND SUSTAINING communities online for offline impact.
Jeff, Mr Antwi and Farida were on the show with the Apps, Your Tech and Trending segments of the show.

#CitiTrends S05 EP 8: Gaming – Beyond the Entertainment

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-10 at 15.13.56Fifa, Prince of Persia, Oware 3D, Mortal Kombat, PES; you name it.
Incredible game titles that have shaped so many lives across the globe.
Today, the gaming industry is worth billions and more investment continue to flow in that direction.
However, is it an issue of just playing for the entertainment sake or there is more to it.
Paul Ziem who is an Entrepreneur, Indie Game Developer and Consultant Founder at NerdCore Studio was my guest to discuss the issue.