In search for redemption

Stuttering up the hill

Pressured and burden laden

The noises awaken buried affection

Affection that destroys strands of self

Sweet affection

Elusive, undeniable, overpowering

Sweet affection

The light breaks beyond the sky

A search for redemption

The pounding chest

A rhythm unknown to my resting mind

A never-resting mind

The chest pounds

Every beat to a thought

A thought of safety, of a presence

A thought of who occupies your dreams

Your needs, your fantasies, your being

A chest pounds

Pounds in rhythm with every chime

Every shift in spaces that grow alien in time

In search of redemption

My sanctuary exists in the shadows of another’s imagination

The veil has fallen

Failed to mask the glory of the other

The other that I seek, desire

Even crave

Failed to extinguish the pain infused cries of cowering soldier

Failed, miserably, to hide the naivety of my willing musket

Failed to hide the facade that is my constructed happiness

Failed, I say, in the search of redemption.

There is an affection sought

A free-spirited, unbalanced, incoherent and deeply satisfying affection

A humour-laden, telekinetic, overpowering and deeply moving affection

I seek this affection

In search of redemption

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