In the moment

They fly and dance and chirp and sing

In trees, on rooftops, in time and in tune 

They circle, fly straight, swerving and teasing 

Singing songs of delight and merry 

Songs from the heart in joy and merry. 

In time with the universe 

Tick tock

In tune with the waves and oceans, seas and rivers 

Flowing, one with another, 

Each into his own 

Each with his own 

Dim lights and flickering bulbs 

Empty seats, stainless floors 

Polished aisles and disinfected drawers 

A canvas suited for a tale unknown 

Tales of heroes and saviours 

Tales spoken in the quiet of the night 

Under sheets and the manuscript of the gods 

Tales of hidden fears and unworthy feelings 

Captured in time and through time with no limits to time 

Tales of beaches and shopping malls and bathing in the moonlight 

Where I see you, and you me

Frozen in a moment in time 

Stood in a room, empty of life 

Clock ticks the seconds away

Every thought is felt, Every feeling is planned 

Every touch is intentional, every word is measured 

Oblivious of prying eyes

Lost in the essence of the moment 

A moment like none other

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