Counting our Losses – The day after Accra floods

Source: Kofimusings

Source: Kofimusings

I will be emotionally scared for life.

I know that.

I never doubted that.

However, i needed to tell this story. It is my duty. My responsibility to chronicle these events.

I did it with pride.

Watch this video and let it cause you to act. Let us stand today against this irrational posturing from our leaders.


#MarchAgainstMisogyny: Introduction

I woke up in Sunday morning feeling very good about myself.

Mayweather had won his fight.

Manchester United had been humbled (i saw that coming so i dealt with it emotionally).

There was just one thing that was wrong about it.

A political figure in the ruling National Democratic Congress in Ghana in his attempt to defend his party had tagged all women who were above 30, successful and unmarried as ‘prostitutes’.

I read some posts of friends on social media and decided that i should say something. Do something. Anything.

So i did. I started this little campaign: #MarchAgainstMisogyny.

I think women should speak more about it and i think the men should also get with the programme.

As i explained to a friend, misogyny seeps beyond political bounds. It permeates the very essence of our society. It is almost engrained. But women deserve better. They do far too much not to.

So, women out there. Please speak, preach, sing, write, dance or do anything to #MarchAgainstMisogyny. If we eventually get to march soon, i will be most excited. But for now, let us keep the conversation going.

Two of my work colleagues have started… you can too.

Saving Rhydyfelin Library

When a public library is threatened with closure, a community in the Welsh town of Pontypridd rise up to fight for what is theirs. Saving Rhydyfelin Library chronicles the story of how a community can join hands to fight for what they believe in.

A current affairs film i helped shoot and edit.

One of my proudest moments as a student.

Sexism on the Podium

The two woman who aim to change the face of classical music

The two women who want to change the face of classical music


Hundreds of young girls all across the United Kingdom spend hours everyday mastering the art of playing their favourite classical instruments.

They dream of performing on stages all over the world.

These dreams however, could be dashed not for lack of talent, but because of their gender.

Alice French and Katie Ann Lower find themselves in that spot.

How will they overcome sexist gatekeepers who stand in their way of achieving their dreams?

‘Sexism on the Podium’ is an attempt to catch a glimpse of the mood on the issue.