Audio: Interview with Ghana Captain, Asamoah Gyan

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Photo by Jonas Nyabor

There are times when people open up to you in ways you never quite expect them to. They say things that surprise, and even shock you, sometimes.

When the captain of the Ghana Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan joined me on the Traffic Avenue (on-air from 14.00 – 17.30 GMT every weekday), that was the feeling i got.

Here is the conversation as it happened.


Shades of you 

Elmina-35Deep in the recesses of my emotions

In a place where words fail

A place where logic holds no ground

I find a place where my mind rests easy

A place where liberation is true and freedom is gifted

A place where I find you


Laboured speech, quivering nerves

Sanctioned expression, unshackled courage

You peer into my self

Pry open my core

You Navigate the choppy waters of my darkness

And Liberate my burdened affection held down by the chains of grief

You allow me to dream

Dreams of hearty laughs and cozied hugs

Dreams of quickened heartbeats and spontaneous  spasms

Dreams of spending every waking moment with you


Staring into your face

Capturing every inch and detail

Every metre of flesh

Every millimetre of vessel

I laugh, I cry, I scream

You fill me

You do not complete my sentences

But you complete me

Why You?

Dark skies, faultless stars

nightly whistles and lovers moans

Noises of our night

Sounds of our moments

The aroma of your self

The freedom of your smile

The entrapment of your touch

The sturdiness of your passion

My sense of courage has eloped

Far into the distance with my faith

My desires are blank, it haunts me

Liberation it seeks, Salvation it desires

The fault lines in your gracious dreams

The inconsistency of your emotional awareness

The rough edges that frame your perfection

The busyness of your calming smile.

I want you.

Every fibre of my existence wants you

Every sentence i speak wreaks of my desire to have you

Every waking moment i spend wondering

Why you?

Love Reborn



The stars illuminate the dark skies through which I journey

There is peace here

A peace I have not known for many days

A peace that makes my heart heavy

My heart swells with an imbalance of raging emotion

A severe need to tell you

I truly love you.


The African sun stirs in the distance

The red turns orange and turns yellow and turns turquoise and turns blue and turns black

All in one graceful expression of self

There is a freedom here

A freedom that allows mortal men a glance into their souls

Here, I feel the freedom to tell you that I love you.


Words fail me now

There is a weightlessness in my being

Yet my beating heart finds ground

As I steal through the vast expanse of this wilderness of sky

These wings give me flight

I fly into a life uncharted

I fly into a life with you.


I am afraid

We all are

Yet when I look across the horizon

I see life reborn

I see clouds enjoined

I see the beacon flashing us home

I see a love i have known and trust

I see me and you.

#CitiTrends nominated for World Summit Awards 

Jamestown-11Citi FM’s flagship technology show, CitiTrends, has been nominated for the World Summit Award 2015 as the best and most innovative solution in Media & News from Ghana.

The nomination, according to the Awards committee, represents the show’s efforts at pushing digital literacy and represents the best digital education entry from the West African country.

The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. The award is partnered with the key United Nations organisations and agencies; to date more than 178 countries are actively involved.

CitiTrends, currently in its 22nd week since first being broadcast on the Adabraka based radio station, is the only radio show in Ghana that brings both the global and local technology conversation to the people of Ghana.

According to host and producer of the show, Philip Ashon, “the show is a driver of innovation and looks to inform and empower and encourage Ghanaians to take advantage of new and appropriate digital technologies.

“Using the power of radio to reach a national audience, CitiTrends improves the overall digital literacy levels in Ghana by highlighting the local impact of the latest trends in global digital innovation so that Ghanaian businesses and individuals can make informed choices in their bid to grow their enterprises.  It puts a strong emphasis on highlighting local innovators and solution providers.”

Segment editor of the show, Mawuli Tsikata also added, “every episode of the show features two major local technology solution drivers who speak on industry issues and problems and proper solutions where possible. Every edition also contains two major segments; Apps and Trending, where productivity mobile applications and the latest in trending technology news are delivered to audiences.”

According Mr Ashon, “the show also offers Ghanaian mobile and web application developers a platform to market their products through a segment called the ‘CitiTrends 2-minute App Pitch Challenge’.”

The 2015 World Summit Award (WAS) received 386 nominations from 86 UN member states and were selected from the WSA experts network through a democratic and highly competitive evaluation process and represents the best and most innovative solutions world-wide. The nominations demonstrate how mobile and internet applications can tackle social challenges, and have a strong local impact in the fields of health, education, environment, government or inclusion.