In the moment

They fly and dance and chirp and sing

In trees, on rooftops, in time and in tune 

They circle, fly straight, swerving and teasing 

Singing songs of delight and merry 

Songs from the heart in joy and merry. 

In time with the universe 

Tick tock

In tune with the waves and oceans, seas and rivers 

Flowing, one with another, 

Each into his own 

Each with his own 

Dim lights and flickering bulbs 

Empty seats, stainless floors 

Polished aisles and disinfected drawers 

A canvas suited for a tale unknown 

Tales of heroes and saviours 

Tales spoken in the quiet of the night 

Under sheets and the manuscript of the gods 

Tales of hidden fears and unworthy feelings 

Captured in time and through time with no limits to time 

Tales of beaches and shopping malls and bathing in the moonlight 

Where I see you, and you me

Frozen in a moment in time 

Stood in a room, empty of life 

Clock ticks the seconds away

Every thought is felt, Every feeling is planned 

Every touch is intentional, every word is measured 

Oblivious of prying eyes

Lost in the essence of the moment 

A moment like none other

The Samsung Ecosystem – Will the galaxies fit?

The New Galaxy of devices

Having a device is one thing.

Having a device that connects seamlessly with other devices is a different story, altogether. 

Having five devices that can talk to each other seamlessly, connect with other services  and still give with a unique user experience; that is the holy grail. 

Brett Jones of the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, refers to that holy grail as an ecosystem. First used by British ecologist Arthur Tansley back in 1935 to describe the relationship between organisms and their environment, an ecosystem has become a sort of buzzword within technology circles. Brett refers to ecosystems as being about dynamic interactions between people, software, data, systems and services and how they connect, share, grow and transform together. 

During Samsung Mobile’s first ever virtual Galaxy unpacked event held on August 5, the gospel of Samsung’s growing ecosystem was repeated throughout the 1hour 33 minute sermon; and for good reason. Five devices were outdoored:

  • Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra: The flagship smartphone range 
  • Galaxy Buds Live: The flagship wireless ear piece 
  • Galaxy Watch 3: The flagship smartwatch  
  • Galaxy Tab S7/S7+: The flagship tablet 
  • Galaxy Z Fold2: “Cutting-edge smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen which unfolds into a 7.6-inch tablet-like display

Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Tracy Kyei in an interview indicates that the growing Galaxy ecosystem, “works together seamlessly so you can spend your time focused on what matters most. The Note20 when paired with the Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Watch3 and Tab S7 delivers a connected experience across fitness, health, entertainment and even more.”

That is an ideal world, when you think about it. 

Imagine receiving a call while driving and picking up on your watch instead of on your phone. Imagine having a genius idea for a building project while in the bathroom and being able to sketch it on your phone with an enhanced stylus with a latency of just 9 milliseconds! Imagine being able to check in at the airport with your watch while your phone is tucked away in your backpack. That is what the power of an interconnected ecosystem is able to help you do; connect, share, grow and transform. 

With the introduction of five new devices to the Galaxy family in one event, it will appear to the average industry watcher that Samsung is poised to further pursue that interconnected dream. Here are three reasons, i feel, guide Samsung’s renewed vigour. 


Samsung is making money, let us not kid ourselves. But their biggest rivals, Apple Inc reported an incredible $22.2 billion in profit for the last quarter of 2019 with $91.8 billion in revenue making the fourth quarter of 2019 Apple’s most profitable in history. Samsung, on the other hand, dropped 38 percent in profit. Apple also shipped over 72 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, according to Counterpoint Research, while just about 70 million Galaxy phones were sold by Samsung. Those figures will make any company worried when global dominance of the smartphone market is your ultimate goal. Samsung’s A-series was the main sales driver while S20 series sales didn’t perform as well as anticipated due to the to the COVID-19 shutdowns. The drive for an ecosystem is clearly a strategy by the South Korean multinational conglomerate to get back in the big money zone of the device manufacturers. 


There are two major companies Samsung is battling with in the global smartphone category. 

Huawei, the Chinese multinational technology company showed strong sales in China helping it edge Samsung to become the world’s biggest smartphone vendor in the second quarter of 2020.  Apple, the Cupertino-based technology company, has been making a killing since the launch of the iPhone 11 with revenues hitting the $55.96 billion mark in the second quarter of 2020, up by 8% from the previous year. 

The competition is not only about smartphone sales between Samsung and Apple, for example. It is deeper than that. Samsung has for years been the main chip supplier for Apple. The company even provided the flash memory used in the iPod. The relationship turned sour when Samsung decided to make their own phones in 2009. The relationship has been fractured since then.

With the release of the five devices and the bold statements Samsung sought to convey, one gets the sense the ecosystem mantra are not just words but a clear indication of its readiness to win the smartphone contest. Perhaps to prove a point to Apple for all this years of mockery. 

Brand loyalty 

There is something that makes anyone go back for more of a product or service. It can be the service quality, the other services or products from the provider or sometimes just bragging rights. 

With five devices, Samsung is betting on getting you to come back for more. If you have the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone for example, there is an incentive to get the Galaxy Watch 3 because then you have a device that will manage your health and a bit of your life as well. Grabbing the Galaxy Buds Live could be the next item to purchase to add to your collection. The list goes on and on. The association with Microsoft further illustrates this point. Imagine having access to all your Microsoft Office products across multiple devices from your phone to your tablet. Imagine accessing high end video game console experience on your mobile phone while on the go. There is an incentive to keep purchasing because the benefits go beyond simply purchasing one device. The added benefits make economic sense due to the added value. With a budding 5G industry coming into effect, Samsung will be looking to benefit greatly with all its devices it has released since 2019. Users of their devices will always feel the brand is a step ahead in the 5G race; seeing how slow other competitors have been in the area.

Note 20 Ultra

According to Investopaedia, “Samsung has three divisions – consumer electronics, device “solutions,” and IT/mobile. Consumer electronics means big boxes – TVs, kitchen appliances, air conditioners and washing machines. Device solutions refers to semiconductors, integrated circuits, LED panels, hard drives and other components. IT and mobile, includes the cell phones and tablets that are traditionally associated with Samsung.” 

Imagine a world where all the devices in these categories are able to speak to one another. That is the ecosystem, i believe, Samsung is gunning for. The question though is how well will the company be able to fit all of their galaxy of devices into that one ecosystem. 

Philip Ashon, Host of Citi Trends, wins Eva Lokko ICT Journalist of the Year 2018

DSC_3773Citi FM’s Philip Ashon has been adjudged the winner of the Eva Lokko ICT Journalist of the year at the MOBEX Africa Innovation Awards.

The award is in recognition of Mr Ashon’s contribution to technology literacy and African excellence in technology innovation.

Organized under the theme, ‘Recognizing excellence in technology innovation’, the maiden awards ceremony was organised by Coasters Company Limited.

The recognition is one of five special awards that were handed out on the night. They included the MIA Rising Star Award which went to Frank Darko creator of the water bicycle, Innovation Pacesetter (Female) which went to Valentina Mintah, Innovation Pacesetter (Male) which went to Moses Baiden of MarginsGroup, and Judges award for Excellence which went to Patrick Awuah Jnr.

DSC_3941-2In an interview, Philip Ashon noted that, “Citi Trends has contributed to the expansion of the technology conversation in Ghana and opened avenues for young Ghanaian technology entrepreneurs to showcase their solutions to the world.”

“With the power of radio to reach a national audience and the internet to reach a global one, CitiTrends has improved the overall digital literacy levels in Ghana by highlighting the local impact of the latest trends in global technology innovation,” he added.

“This mission of education and empowerment sits at the very heart of what Citi FM as a station stands for.”

The judging panel included: Dorothy K. Gordon, Ghanaian technology activist and development specialist; Dr. Ayorkor Korsah, Head of Computer Science Department; Prof. Nii Quaynor Nii Quaynor, scientist and engineer; and Estelle Akofio-Sowah, CSquared Ghana Country Manager and former Google Ghana country manager.

DSC_3995Speaking after picking up the award, Mr Ashon dedicated the award to his wife Doreen Ashon and Daughter, Nissi.

“A big thank you to the staff and management of Omni Media Citi FM especially our leader Samuel Attah Mensah for his belief and guidance. Many thanks to my parents, Enimil and Sarah Ashon and my siblings.”

The award comes after Mr Ashon guided his team to be nominated for the World Summit Award 2015 as the best and most innovative solution in Media & News from Ghana.

The nomination, according to the Awards committee, represented the show’s efforts at pushing digital literacy and represented the best digital education entry from the West African country.

CitiTrends, currently in its 4th year, is the pioneer technology radio show in Ghana that brings both the global and local technology conversation to the people of Ghana.

The producers of the show are Jeffrey Owurako Sarpong and Farida Shaibu.

Audio: Interview with Ghana Captain, Asamoah Gyan

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-14 at 18.16.34

Photo by Jonas Nyabor

There are times when people open up to you in ways you never quite expect them to. They say things that surprise, and even shock you, sometimes.

When the captain of the Ghana Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan joined me on the Traffic Avenue (on-air from 14.00 – 17.30 GMT every weekday), that was the feeling i got.

Here is the conversation as it happened.

Shades of you 

Elmina-35Deep in the recesses of my emotions

In a place where words fail

A place where logic holds no ground

I find a place where my mind rests easy

A place where liberation is true and freedom is gifted

A place where I find you


Laboured speech, quivering nerves

Sanctioned expression, unshackled courage

You peer into my self

Pry open my core

You Navigate the choppy waters of my darkness

And Liberate my burdened affection held down by the chains of grief

You allow me to dream

Dreams of hearty laughs and cozied hugs

Dreams of quickened heartbeats and spontaneous  spasms

Dreams of spending every waking moment with you


Staring into your face

Capturing every inch and detail

Every metre of flesh

Every millimetre of vessel

I laugh, I cry, I scream

You fill me

You do not complete my sentences

But you complete me