#CitiTrends nominated for World Summit Awards 

Jamestown-11Citi FM’s flagship technology show, CitiTrends, has been nominated for the World Summit Award 2015 as the best and most innovative solution in Media & News from Ghana.

The nomination, according to the Awards committee, represents the show’s efforts at pushing digital literacy and represents the best digital education entry from the West African country.

The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. The award is partnered with the key United Nations organisations and agencies; to date more than 178 countries are actively involved.

CitiTrends, currently in its 22nd week since first being broadcast on the Adabraka based radio station, is the only radio show in Ghana that brings both the global and local technology conversation to the people of Ghana.

According to host and producer of the show, Philip Ashon, “the show is a driver of innovation and looks to inform and empower and encourage Ghanaians to take advantage of new and appropriate digital technologies.

“Using the power of radio to reach a national audience, CitiTrends improves the overall digital literacy levels in Ghana by highlighting the local impact of the latest trends in global digital innovation so that Ghanaian businesses and individuals can make informed choices in their bid to grow their enterprises.  It puts a strong emphasis on highlighting local innovators and solution providers.”

Segment editor of the show, Mawuli Tsikata also added, “every episode of the show features two major local technology solution drivers who speak on industry issues and problems and proper solutions where possible. Every edition also contains two major segments; Apps and Trending, where productivity mobile applications and the latest in trending technology news are delivered to audiences.”

According Mr Ashon, “the show also offers Ghanaian mobile and web application developers a platform to market their products through a segment called the ‘CitiTrends 2-minute App Pitch Challenge’.”

The 2015 World Summit Award (WAS) received 386 nominations from 86 UN member states and were selected from the WSA experts network through a democratic and highly competitive evaluation process and represents the best and most innovative solutions world-wide. The nominations demonstrate how mobile and internet applications can tackle social challenges, and have a strong local impact in the fields of health, education, environment, government or inclusion.

#MarchAgainstMisogyny: Introduction

I woke up in Sunday morning feeling very good about myself.

Mayweather had won his fight.

Manchester United had been humbled (i saw that coming so i dealt with it emotionally).

There was just one thing that was wrong about it.

A political figure in the ruling National Democratic Congress in Ghana in his attempt to defend his party had tagged all women who were above 30, successful and unmarried as ‘prostitutes’.

I read some posts of friends on social media and decided that i should say something. Do something. Anything.

So i did. I started this little campaign: #MarchAgainstMisogyny.

I think women should speak more about it and i think the men should also get with the programme.

As i explained to a friend, misogyny seeps beyond political bounds. It permeates the very essence of our society. It is almost engrained. But women deserve better. They do far too much not to.

So, women out there. Please speak, preach, sing, write, dance or do anything to #MarchAgainstMisogyny. If we eventually get to march soon, i will be most excited. But for now, let us keep the conversation going.

Two of my work colleagues have started… you can too.

Switch on your pitching power

credit: tedconfblog

credit: tedconfblog

It is one thing to have a product. It is another thing having a functioning product.

However, the power of pitching your functioning product to the community your product is targeted at, can often be a whole new kettle of gold fish.

That is what i have found anyway.

A month ago, during a round table conversation with some of Accra’s tech minded individuals, i was informed that one of the biggest problems startups face has to do with exposure. It appears people do not know their story. Everyone is caught up with the hype of the few successful ones.

Despite my insistence that most app developers in Ghana i have come across are more interested in the ‘money side’ of the entrepreneurs journey, i was impressed upon to acknowledge the role the media played in shaping that mindset.

In a recent interview with Eric Kumah of NewAccra.com, and Patience Teiko Tetteh, software developer with E4 Solutions, i understood to some extent of the difficulties of app developers in Ghana.

The question that kept popping up was: Who was telling the ‘real stories’ of app developers and young entrepreneurs? How were Ghanaians going to know about applications made to solve their unique problems?

The #CitiTrends 2-Minute App Pitch was thus formed.

The idea is simple.

Ghanaian app developers have two minutes to pitch their applications to a listening public on award winning radio station Citi 97.3 FM. The pitches will be heard on #CitiTrends, a 30-minute technology focused radio show.

The pitches will cover :

1. Name and genesis of app

2. The problem the app seeks to solve in Ghana

3. How people can access the app

4. The future of the app

At the end of every month, one app developer will get an extended interview on #CitiTrends where they can expand on the details of their apps.

App developers can register their interest by sending an email to philipashon@citifmonline.com. 2-minute voice notes of pitches can also be sent via Whatsapp number: +233 505811759.

It is an exciting time in the technology space in Ghana and i can’t wait to see where this pitch challenge leads.

Get pitching!

Good morning, you are a young achiever!

11102773_603993643070036_6092150180507282316_nMonday morning.

It is 06:45 GMT and i am driving in the Kia Carens that shoulders my 90kg body around the capital daily (It occasionally serves as  a mobile office.)

Notification sounds on my Galaxy Note 2.The vibration follows.

I swipe and tap and there it is:

“Our generation is full of achievers. While some are household names, others are unsung or totally unknown… We are unearthing, presenting, and celebrating these change makers as gems of their times.”

Newaccra.com, a “leading success and personal development brand” had named me as a young achiever to watch out for in its annual ‘Newaccra Achievers Report’.

It felt weird. Really it did.

I am not sure what i had done to deserve to be on there. Yet, i was.

According to the magazine, the compilation of unsung Ghanaians featured persons making impact and showing future promise in diverse fields. The 2015 edition honour sought to highlight thirty individuals from five broad groups- business and leadership, society and healthcare, competitive sports, literary and creative arts, and technology and media.

Majority of the thirty achievers are entrepreneurs and twenty percent of the achievers are females.

It was a truly humbling experience.

You can check out the report below here: NewAccra Young Achievers Report

Speak, Love

When we dream, we dream of love

When we dream, we dream of love

I speak words,

often of meanings that betray the immediacy of their intent

often of times when my present circumstance cannot conceive

often of days and moments not lived

often of values not formed.

I speak words,

words to inspire and enlighten

words to direct and command

words to coerce and negotiate

words to save and transform

I speak words,

to you as the tips of my fingers carve a path along the curves of your neck

to you as the bumps on your arms rise in anticipation of an unknown duty

to you as your heartbeat evolves in rhythm with mine

to you as your face is filled with mine.

I speak words,

words like i love you.