Whirlwinds of Emotion

The innocence of a suckling child

The emotional innocence of a suckling child

There is a joy beyond the smile

A happiness beyond the cheer

A peace beyond the silence

A pleasure beyond the moan

Unexplained, yet understood

Elusive, yet ever present.

It swells from a gulf of deep-seated denial

Erupts from a place deeper than your core

Bursts through a barrier of suppressed sentiment

It consumes you.

Wholly, Completely, Fully.

Your fingers tremble as it surges through you

Your thoughts lose all sense of composure

Your head swims in an ocean of delirium

Your lips part way for the soundless cry of anguish

You are caught;

caught in a whirlwind of emotion.


Thye devil is in the detail

Thye devil is in the detail

They consume the dimly lit corners of your life;

hoods up.

Stares as cold as icicles, glares that pierce.

You shudder as you walk past

They sneer at you.

You wonder and ponder, often concluding

You question yourself, your being, your person

Why do they stare?

Why does it linger?

Why do they not look away?

They intimidate you,

confine you to a space; escape is impractical

You are intimidated.

You acquaint yourself with the symmetry of the paved road

You take solace in its silent, dark, stable, motionless self.

You seek acceptance in its presence

You seek liberation.

The nitrogen oxide-filled, cyanide-containing smoke escapes from the under the hood

Teeth flash, feet shuffle and the silent night is disrupted by the boom of a laugh

You miss a step, almost falling.

They shared a joke, you didn’t get it.

They stand huddled in a group

your every move brings them closer

You yearn for the sight of the pavement

You yearn to be free

The chill from the steel of the lamppost fills your senses

Its light, dim as it may be, shines brighter than the sun

A glance over your shoulder you will not risk

Your sanity depends on it.


Spread your wings,  Fly into a new day

Spread your wings,
Fly into a new day

“A life well lived.”

That is what dead people wish is said about them as they lie 6 feet under.

Thing is, they probably will never know.

They have lived. They are gone.

Its your turn now.

You are living today.

LIVE, for Christ sake.

Spread your wings and Fly!

I am doing so. Trained and ready to take on the world.

Its going to be one heck of a ride, i know that.

But so help me God, i am going to run this town!

There is a new African in town. He speaks with authority and grounding. He sees life in a new light.

He is not alone. His life is the expression of the freedom his generation yearns.

Join him or not, he cares not. I care not.

I am ready to Live. To Dream and Work till it manifests.


The hashtag that characterises me at this present time.

Let it represent a new beginning for you.

Rise and lets work our selves to the bone.

Let us work ourselves and transform.

I cry

There is emotion in you... Express it

Do you sometimes sit by yourself

Alone in the nakedness of your thoughts

To the sound of your beating heart

In the comfort of your aloneness

Through all the organised chaos that is your life,

and cry?


Do you sometimes want to run around screaming

Declaring your love for a complete stranger because you feel like it

Singing away the blues of your depression

Rejoicing at the sight of your hopelessness

Acknowledging the helplessness of your strength,

and then cry?


Do you want to cry?

I am crying.

There is no reason. There is no cause.

I just sit here and cry.

There is a swelling in my heart

A heaving of my chest

An instability in my touch

A quickening of the beats that make up a heartbeat.

I feel human

I feel real

There is blood, water, air, life

They flow inside me

My senses are disarmed

My pride is lost

My being is overcome

and then i cry.


I smile as i cry.

There is a music in the distance that wills me on

That wills me to scream

That calls me to let go.

Do you know that feeling?

I do.

I feel it now.

It is empowering

Relieving, comforting, soothing

I cry.


Not for the failures of my days

Not for burdens that await my shoulder’s support

Not for the prospects of futures unknown

Not for the great unknown unknowns.

None of that.

I cry because i can. Because i want to

My spirit needs it. My self need it.

I need it.

I need to cry.

Yes, i cry.



Credit: Music by: The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

Things you don’t get right

Colour in the Mountains

In life there are things you will are most likely never going to get right.
You will try so hard and yet end up failing at them.
It might seem pointless to keep trying, but then, that is why we were not made perfect.
There are things you will not get right, the worst you can do is to stop trying.