#MarchAgainstMisogyny: Introduction

I woke up in Sunday morning feeling very good about myself.

Mayweather had won his fight.

Manchester United had been humbled (i saw that coming so i dealt with it emotionally).

There was just one thing that was wrong about it.

A political figure in the ruling National Democratic Congress in Ghana in his attempt to defend his party had tagged all women who were above 30, successful and unmarried as ‘prostitutes’.

I read some posts of friends on social media and decided that i should say something. Do something. Anything.

So i did. I started this little campaign: #MarchAgainstMisogyny.

I think women should speak more about it and i think the men should also get with the programme.

As i explained to a friend, misogyny seeps beyond political bounds. It permeates the very essence of our society. It is almost engrained. But women deserve better. They do far too much not to.

So, women out there. Please speak, preach, sing, write, dance or do anything to #MarchAgainstMisogyny. If we eventually get to march soon, i will be most excited. But for now, let us keep the conversation going.

Two of my work colleagues have started… you can too.

Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

I like being nestled up here. It was a great place to take shots. This one included.
It gives you a picture of what God sees on a daily doesn’t it?

Perfection is an art; Steve Bedi gets it

I saw him perform and i understood why the world would gro crazy about him.

He is a delight to watch and listen to.

Not the greatest of all time, but definitely the greatest thing to happen to the sax in recent history in Ghana.

Steve Bedi


Steve Bedi

Steve Bedi