In the moment

They fly and dance and chirp and sing

In trees, on rooftops, in time and in tune 

They circle, fly straight, swerving and teasing 

Singing songs of delight and merry 

Songs from the heart in joy and merry. 

In time with the universe 

Tick tock

In tune with the waves and oceans, seas and rivers 

Flowing, one with another, 

Each into his own 

Each with his own 

Dim lights and flickering bulbs 

Empty seats, stainless floors 

Polished aisles and disinfected drawers 

A canvas suited for a tale unknown 

Tales of heroes and saviours 

Tales spoken in the quiet of the night 

Under sheets and the manuscript of the gods 

Tales of hidden fears and unworthy feelings 

Captured in time and through time with no limits to time 

Tales of beaches and shopping malls and bathing in the moonlight 

Where I see you, and you me

Frozen in a moment in time 

Stood in a room, empty of life 

Clock ticks the seconds away

Every thought is felt, Every feeling is planned 

Every touch is intentional, every word is measured 

Oblivious of prying eyes

Lost in the essence of the moment 

A moment like none other

In search for redemption

Stuttering up the hill

Pressured and burden laden

The noises awaken buried affection

Affection that destroys strands of self

Sweet affection

Elusive, undeniable, overpowering

Sweet affection

The light breaks beyond the sky

A search for redemption

The pounding chest

A rhythm unknown to my resting mind

A never-resting mind

The chest pounds

Every beat to a thought

A thought of safety, of a presence

A thought of who occupies your dreams

Your needs, your fantasies, your being

A chest pounds

Pounds in rhythm with every chime

Every shift in spaces that grow alien in time

In search of redemption

My sanctuary exists in the shadows of another’s imagination

The veil has fallen

Failed to mask the glory of the other

The other that I seek, desire

Even crave

Failed to extinguish the pain infused cries of cowering soldier

Failed, miserably, to hide the naivety of my willing musket

Failed to hide the facade that is my constructed happiness

Failed, I say, in the search of redemption.

There is an affection sought

A free-spirited, unbalanced, incoherent and deeply satisfying affection

A humour-laden, telekinetic, overpowering and deeply moving affection

I seek this affection

In search of redemption

Philip Ashon is Eva Lokko ICT Journalist 2019

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-08 at 14.16.11Host of the #CitiTrends and Head of TV Production at Citi TV, Philip Ashon, has been adjudged the Eve Lokko ICT journalist of the Year at the Mobex Innovation Awards 2019.

The award is in recognition of his efforts at spreading digital literacy across the country and ensuring the empowerment of citizens through technology based applications.

This is the second time Philip Ashon is picking the award, having won it in 2018.

Philip holds a Masters Degree in International Journalism from Cardiff University and has been hosting the show since its inception in 2014.

#CitiTrends, Citi FM flagship technology-focused radio show also retained the title of Technology Media Programme of the year at the MOBEX Innovation Awards 2019.

The award was in recognition of the pivotal role the show plays in advancing technology literacy across Ghana.

The judging panel included: Dorothy K. Gordon, Ghanaian technology activist, and development specialist; Dr. Ayorkor Korsah, Head of Computer Science Department, and Prof. Nii Quaynor Nii Quaynor, scientist and engineer.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-08 at 13.51.03Speaking to, Philip noted, “It is humbling to be picked out of the hundreds of incredible journalists across the country. I am however encouraged to go farther in the quest to see a more prosperous and technology savvy citizenry.”

“Technology is changing the world and Ghana must be leading that charge for Africa. I am fully committed to ensuring that the platform given me by Citi FM and Citi TV are used to drive the message of technology inclusion and empowerment.”

He added, “this award is dedicated to my wife and daughter Nissi, Mr. Samuel Attah-Mensah for his direction and teaching, Bernard Avle, my parents and my producers, Jeffrey Owurako Sarpong and yaw Antwi.”

The event was organized by Coaster Company limited.

#CITITRENDS S04 EP 27: Celebrating Ghanaian Technology Entrepreneurs with William Senyo and Geraldine de bastion on re:publica Accra; Nehemiah Attigah and Thelma Quaye on Code Factory Africa; Ishmael Lamptey on Di Creative Agency

Show PromosWe continue to celebrate technology entrepreneurs on the show and this week we started the conversations off with re:publica, a conference based in Europe that deals with the Web 2.0, especially blogs, social media and information society.

William Senyo, CEO of Impact Hub Accra and his team have managed to bring the event to Accra for the first time. He was in the studio with Geraldine de Bastion, the programme curator of the event.

Nehemiah Attigah and Thelma Quaye joined me to speak about heir special training programme called Code Factory Africa which offers individuals special skills to prepare them for a digital future.

Ishmael Lamptey build Di Creative Agency to help people create websites simply and with little fuss and he explains it all on the show.



#CITITRENDS S04 EP 19: Accelerating development through STEM & Social Media Week Accra 2018

Show PromosThere is a lot of chatter about reimagining education along the ‘Science Technology Engineering Mathematics’ trajectory and rightfully so. It appears that is the way to go.

Some have argued for Arts to be made a strong feature in this as well.

At the end of the day though, what matters is the growth of a transformation-minded population of people.

It was these issues and many others that we discussed the show this week with Peter Asare-Nuamah, who is currently pursuing PhD in Governance and Regional Integration at the Pan African University, Cameroon and Gameli Adzaho who is focused on ‘shaping Africa and shaping youth’ as he curates Global Lab Network.

The folks from Social Media Week Accra also joined me to chat about the upcoming event which happens September 10-14, 2018 at the Accra Mall.

Enjoy the show.