#CITITRENDS S04 EP 9: Building an alternate social media platform for an alternate audience with Loverealm

Show PromosLove is a wonderful feeling and thus best to be shared around the world for everyone to enjoy.

We tried that on this week’s episode of the show when we hosted Dr. Yaw Ofosu Ansong Jnr who is the founder of LoveRealm,  a Christian Social Network.

We spoke about the platform and what it means to build a platform like that on the continent of Africa. He shared his vision for the Christian community on the show how institutions can benefit from adopting some simple technologies.

In the How To segment we look at enhancing your password options plus there were a lot of scandals to cover in the Trending segment of the show. Jeffrey shared some pretty neat apps in the Apps segment for your benefit.

Take a listen.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 8: Redefining healthcare delivery with Mpharma + Unveiling Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Show PromosIt is not every week you get all things right but this week was a good one.

A brilliant conversation with the brilliant mind working in the innovative company according to FastCompany. PERFECT!

George Kesse is a pharmacist  with over 17 years career experience in multiple sectors of the health and pharmaceutical sector of Ghana. He works with mpharma and he was on the show to share some insight into the company’s work and what the future holds for the pharmacy retail industry in Ghana.

Michael Kwadede Cudjoe, Software Engineering and Testing/Technical Support Office and Baba Musah, Key Channel Manager and Samsung Master Trainer at Samsung we very generous with the knowledge they shared about the all new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Take a listen to the show.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 7: Cryptocurrency – The What, Who, Why, When and How

Show Promos-16For several weeks, listeners have been wondering when the show will look at the issue of cryptocurrency.

Well, we finally did.

Coming two weeks after a great chat about blockchain technology (the tech upon which cryptocurrencies sit), our guest took his time to break it all down.

Sales Manager, Enterprise Business at Hubtel Ghana, Daniel Opuni Frimpong, shared knowledge about everything you need know about it, reservations you should genuinely have, volatility of the value and so much more.

We spoke about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ as well on the Trending segment while we feature Google Translate on the Apps segment.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 6: The Truth about being a technology entrepreneur in Ghana

Show Promos 92Technology literacy is the soul of #CitiTrends.

However, every now and then , we need a wake up call!

We need someone to jolt us into understanding.

That was the sole purpose of this week’s show.

Josiah Eyison, Co-founder and CEO of iSpace. A man passionately driven by social impact was on the show to talk about the truth about being a technology entrepreneur in Ghana.

He spoke about collaborations and partnerships gone wrong, he touched on financing and grants plus so much more.

He did not hold back and that was the magic of it all.

Farida touched on Snapchat’s latest updates and how Farmerline and Mpharma were named the two top most innovative companies in the world!

There was ‘Shush’ and ‘My Ordio’ as the new apps for the week with Jeff.

Enjoy the show.

#CITITRENDS S04 EP 5: Five Years of Farmerline and the harsh realities of working from the Accra Digital Centre

Show Promos-39Agriculture is indeed the backbone of the economy of any nation.

But how exactly is that true on the continent?

How much tech is being applied across the continent on farms and plantations?

Famerline is 5 years this year and so Lilly and Emmanuel joined me to discuss what the years have been so far and what lessons have been learnt. They also shared some insight on new practices on the continent.

Following our conversation about the Accra Digital Centre, it seems the tenant have a different notion of how the centre should be run based on their experiences.

Two of them, Duke and Kingsley, joined me in the studio to shed some light on the realities of working from there.