#CitiTrends Episode 21: 22nd Century education in Ghana vrs Ghana’s App ecosystem

Source: unr.edu

Source: unr.edu

Another amazing week and another great show on #CitiTrends.

Education is a key component in every country’s development. All over the world, the way in which students are being trained and taught is changing. People today get a lot of their information on the web and through their mobile devices. But is Ghana ready for these changes in the structure of its educational system? Micheal Mino is the Director of Digital Learning at the Ghana ED21 Programme and he lends some insight.

The world of mobile apps is getting bigger and bigger. It is currently a multi billion dollar industry. From the developer to the marketer and then to the final end user, what happens? I sat with Louis Manu, Product Development and Innovations Manager for Airtel Ghana to have a chat about that.

Nana Ama Agyemang Asante shares some insight into Ruby, Shifu and Genius as the mobile applications for the week and Mawuli Tsikata brings us up to date with the latest in technology news from around the world.

Need i say more?


#CitiTrends Week 20: MOBEX 2015 Review vrs Snoocode Ambulance Service launch

Source: Snoocode

Source: Snoocode

What a week!

After the launch of Windows 10, robots getting decapitated and new phones from Samsung and Motorola, the best way to chill is to tune in for yet another episode of #CitiTrends.

This week, we travel back in time to last week when the Africa ICT and Mobile Expo 2015 kicked off at the Accra International Conference Centre. It was a massive event and the show sheds some light on it.

Snoocode launches, finally, with a focus on emergency services, specifically the ambulance service. #Cititrends was there and shares some insight on proceedings. You will remember that Ses was on #CitiTrends some months ago to talk about Snoocode and how he intended it to solve Ghana’s address headache.

Mawuli Tsikata and Awo Apaloo will also bring along some goodies keep you at your productive best.

Press play and enjoy the show.



#CitiTrends Episode 19: Previewing Windows 10 vrs Lobbying Ghana’s Tech Future

Source: itpro.com

Source: itpro.com

It has been a great week and there is so much to catch up on.

The show this week features Francis Adu-Gyamfi who is the CEO of Matrix Designs Ghana, a technology company which is into integrated digital marketing and software development. Ahead of the July 29 launch of Windows 10, Francis, who has been using the early versions of Windows 10 for several months shares his experience with the revamped operating system.

Ahead of the Africa Mobile & ICT Expo 2015, George Spencer Quaye of Coasters Company Limited (organisers of the event) shares his vision for the event and how he intends to ensure that it helps in the shaping on the ICT future of Ghana.

Monica, a technology consultant from Kenya and who works with Making All Voices Count also shares some insight on technology growth on the continent of Africa.

Its a packed show. Press play and enjoy it.

#CitiTrends Episode 18: Cyber Security in Ghana vrs Lifeline of SMS in Ghana

Source: linkedin

Source: linkedin

I love weeks like this when the world is buzzing with technology stories.

The truth is, its like this every week.

Who is complaining?

This week on the show, we are all aware that around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. Africa accounts for just 9.8% of this number. In recent months, the world has been over taken with countless stories of cyber breaches here and there. The hacking of the Sony Corporations, Kaspersky (which is an antivirus company) and US federal government are good examples. I sat with Albert Antwi-Bosiako who is the founder and principal consultant with e-crime bureau, Ghana’s first Cyber Security & Digital Forensics firm, and asked some questions about the state of cyber security in Ghana.

One woman who has been increasingly active in the SMS landscape in Ghana is Anne Amuzu, CEO of NandiMobile and I caught up with her and asked her what her thoughts were on the matter of the lifespan of SMS.

Awo shares four Apps this week; Any.do, Truemessenger, Feeday and TwinorNot on the Apps segment of the show. Mawuli Tsikata shares some technology news stories in the Trending segment of the show.

Press play and enjoy the show.

#Cititrends Episode 15: Ghanaian tech lobbyists vrs Paying the right fees for government services

Source: Ispace

Source: Ispace

Olla and welcome to a new week of #CitiTrends.

The most profitable companies across the world are technology companies. From the Apples to the Googles to the Amazons, these companies are driving economies. Yet, they all started out as startups, small companies, which had a conducive atmosphere to grow. There are several technology companies in Ghana. There is also a growing underground movement of startups as well. However, it almost feels like their impact is not being felt. To get a better appreciation of the situation in Ghana currently, i caught up with Fiifi Baidoo and we shared some ideas.

Also in part one of a three part interview session, i speak to some technology minds as they develop applications and platforms to keep government accountable. I caught up with them at an event organised by Penplusbytes and its partners in Ghana. In this episode i feature the platform known as ‘Know your Payment’ and Elikplim Sablah speaks about it.

Awo Apaloo shares BriefMe and Layout as the apps for the week you should check out and Mawuli Tsikata bring you the latest in tech news from the past week including the new Google Mail feature of retracting an email 30 seconds after sending it.

Enjoy the show.