#CITITRENDS S04 EP 23: MAde in Kumasi: Skills Development, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing with Yaw Adu-Gyamfi

Show Promos-8There has been a lot of chatter from the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi.

Chatter that centres on technology and growth and innovation.

There has also been a lot of chatter regarding the difficulties that technology entrepreneurs face. There has been a lot of conversation about how some of those problems can be solved.

Yaw Adu-Gyamfi is a co-founder of Centre for Social Innovations (CSI) and a man with extensive experience working directly with communities and young people, focusing on skills development, innovation and entrepreneurship.


He joined me to share insights from the research paper and much more.



#CitiTrends Episode 32: Lobbying for tech in Ghana vrs Investing in African tech


Ethel Cofie, Founder of Women in Tech Africa

When there is a technology conversation to be had in Ghana, it happens on #CitiTrends.

The show this week features one of the women who has been advocating for the regularising of tech lobby groups in Ghana. She is the CEO of Edel Technology Consulting and founder of Women in Tech Africa, Ethel Cofie. I started off by asking Ethel if she thought Ghana really needed a tech lobby group in the first place.

The conversations about investing in African technology solutions then takes centre stage. Eric Osiakwan who is the managing partner at Chanzo Capital shares a little about his ‘KINGS’ concept. Amber Fowler who is a partner at Echo VC also talk about the some of the areas being invested in. Ben White, CEO of VC4Africa talks about where the investments were directed in Africa in terms of the technology space. Finally you hear from Vincent Kouwenhoven who is a managing partner at eVentures Africa Fund.

Awo Apaloo shares some insight about three mobile applications from three different platforms in the Apps segment of the show. There is Box from Windows mobile, Youtube Music from iOS and then Signal from Android. Nana Boakye-Yiadom then brings you up to date with the latest technology news in the Trending segment of the show.

Enough chatter. Get to listening.



On-air with a dancing environmentalist

They come in different shapes and sizes. The crazier the better, i would say.

They come in different shapes and sizes. The crazier the better, i would say.

She is different.

She is one of those girls you meet and get stuck explaining to people how you became such good friends.

She was born in Dorset, a county in South West England on the English Channel coast and has the African rhythm in her soul.

Her name is Naomi Ruth Arnold and she was my guest on the show on February 8.

She is a Masters student of Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy at Cardiff University and she can touch her nose with her tongue.

Yes, really she can! I saw it!

She has a sister called Zoe and her boyfriend’s name is Matt Gary Derrick Nurse – big rugby player who is training to be a special needs teacher.

She is one of those people who just want to let it go and enjoy the day as it comes!

She hates chart music, loves being outside, listening to the birds; “the simple things in life.”

Press play and listen to the show.

Hope you like it. Feel free to critique a well.


Expressions Through Radio: Introduction to Xpress Radio 101

This is where i am at right now...

This is where i am at right now…

The time was 12:58.

I was seated in the Xpress Radio Studio in the presenter’s chair.

I knew what I wanted to do; I had spent two hours of an 11 degree morning in Cathays, Cardiff, preparing for it. The first episode of my one-hour radio show on campus radio in the United Kingdom!

What had I gotten myself into!!

Despite all the BBC Radio One and Talk Sport I had paid excessive amounts of minutes listening to, I realized that nothing was enough to prepare you for what was about to come.

Don’t get me wrong. The music I had chosen was great. I mean, how could I go wrong when I had folks like Iyanya, R2Bees, Whiz Kid and 2Face Idibia on my playlist? What could prevent the folks from the Afro Caribbean Society from being my very first guests on the show? I mean, I know I don’t have the best voice on the radio, but then hey, people love my voice… right?

All the same, all the real work was done. So why was I still feeling weak in my knees as a looked at the console in front of me? Why did I forget to update my Facebook Page about the show?

I will tell you.

First of all, I am surrounded by some of the most energetic and creative undergrads in the world. Their shows are really great. Here I am, 28 years old Ghanaian man, who has not completely gotten a full hang of the instruments in front of him.

Secondly, I am a freaking Postgrad! Instead of hitting my books in some gloomy library, I am here playing Azonto music! Who does that!

Thirdly I have no idea how many people like Afro Caribbean music. All I know is that the majority of the people like Fuse ODG. That’s all.

However, as I pressed the button to get the signature tune for the show started, some things happened.

Firstly, the thought hit me. I have been doing radio for the past six years for heaven’s sake. What is it about campus radio can I not do? The systems are different and very well put together but then still… What at all can I not do?

Secondly, my show is unique in so many different ways. Its Azonto music! How can I go wrong with that?

Thirdly, God dey with me! Also people like Assistant Manager, Sam, Head of DJ’s, Pri, Head of News, Sally and the woman who got me more than interested in it all, Alice, simply make it all a delight as well.

The show was good. It was not perfect, but really good. It only gets better with time. I get to relax and do something I really like. Play for the world music I really like.

Take a listen to the show if you have a chance and leave me a comment.

Rhythms Episode 1


PS: Connect to Xpress Radio via the following link: http://cardiffstudentmedia.co.uk/listen/