#CITITRENDS S03 EP 31: Ghana’s Tech Ecosystem Through Foreign Eyes & Pointers For Pitching at International Contests

Show Promos1Every week brings with it a level of discourse on the show that has a way of overwhelming me.

Take this week for example.

Dayo Osikoya is a software engineer and CTO at LinkDirect Systems. He has over a decade of experience in various sectors – from consulting to oil and gas to telecommunications. He joined me to speak about what is feels like, as a foreigner, to be embedded in the Ghanaian technology eco system.

Then came Kingsley Abrokwah, a career tech enterpreneur with the sole aim of using technology to impact lives and create wealth and the brain behind KudigoApp. Kingsley spoke candidly about things young entrepreneurs need to know when they step out to pitch at international contests.

Packed with that, Ernie Ofori who is the Technical Director at the Kofi Annan ICT Center also shared some wisdom on what exponential technology and innovation is all about; including its six D’s.

Then Jeff also came along.

What a show! Press play and enjoy.


#CITITRENDS S03 EP 30: Coding for the disabled in Ghana & The Quarter Tech Review

Show Promos-26It was an all ladies show.

And boy, or girl, did we enjoy it.

Regina Honu, CEO of Soronko Academy and Soronko Solutions joined me for a conversation about a pertinent part of tech education and sensitisation: tech and coding for the disabled.

Fatima Tambajang, Lakeshia Marie and Ivy Bakely were on hand to share their top tech trends from the past quarter with us. There was everything from sponsored data, bitcoin and blockchain to chatbots and AI.

Take a listen.


#CITITRENDS S03 EP 29: API-Driven Government-Led Innovation

Show Promos-27When the chief doer join you on the show, you know sparks will fly.

And they did.

My guest, one of the founders of Dreamoval was Derrydean Dadzie. We talked about open Technology, API-driven government-led innovation, how open government initiatives are and incursions on the technology transformation agenda.

Farida and Jeff were on hand to serve us some top tech trends and a good dose of mobile applications for the week.

Take a listen.



Show Promos-14Another engaging week of technology conversations on #CitiTrends continues the discussion on the National Digital Addressing System, this time with the technology as the main focus.

Rexford Nkansah, a Senior Web Developer who builds and deploys cross-browser, cross-platform, mobile and web applications using primarily HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python and Maximus Ametorgoh, a technology analyst, were my guests.

Alex Brahm, CEO of Hubtel, joined the discussion on the phone.

Press Play and Enjoy the discussion.

#CITITRENDS S03 EP 27: What is wrong with the National Digital Addressing System – The Policy Discussion

Show Promos-13I did not expect such a feisty show.

Who am i kidding!

It was fire works right from the moment i opened the microphone. The show this week featured the Chief Executive of Strategic Planning Consults,  a public policy formulation firm based in Accra and the brains behind the National Codified Fixed Address System,  Kofi Annor.

He outlined 10 reasons why he felt the National Digital Addressing System was flawed.

The Deputy Director of the National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Kwaku Kyei Ofori joined the show on the phone to add on to the conversation.

We had a conversation about a mobile commerce company operating a payments ecosystem connecting financial sector customers, Mobile Network Operators and businesses to their increasing mobile consumers. The company is called Cellulant.

The Board Chairman, Dr Samuel Kiruthu and the Country Manager, Albert Ngumba joined me.

Press play and enjoy.