#CITITRENDS S04 EP 15: Enabling a mobile payment continent with Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO & Founder of BitPesa

Show Promos-22When you have awesome women in the country, you make sure they feature on the number technology radio show in the country.

That is how we got Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO & Founder of BitPesa on the show this week.

Thoroughly accomplished and fiercely convinced about the power of technology to make people’s lives easier, Elizabeth spoke about her company BitPesa and about the pitfalls of running a fintech company on the continent.

She had advise for young Ghanaian business entrepreneurs as well.

We had some news on twitter, Samsung, Apple and Uber on the Trending segment of th show plus some interesting apps as well.




#CITITRENDS S04 EP 14: Rethinking Innovation with Prof Seyram Avle and Data Protection Regulations, IT security with Carl Sackey

Show Promos-21Great minds are not very far from you. All you need to do is tune in to #CitiTrends.

It was a true privilege to have such exceptional minds of the show this week. 

Prof Seyram Avle (@seyramavle) of the University of Michigan shared some incredible truths about what innovation truly means and how dangerous it was to measure it by ‘silicon valley standards. She hit home at some issues that needed to be fixed within the Ghanian technology ecosystem and added her favourite technology innovation from this side of the globe.

Carl Sackey (@gticarlos), President of ISACA Accra Chapter joined the show to talk about some trends in the data protection regulations space and how Ghana is readying itself for a future of responsible information sharing. 

Two lovely apps plus the latest trending technology news wrapped up another great week on the show.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 13: Fintech in Ghana – The Next Dimension

Show Promos-19Two CEOs, one very important topic.


Where does Ghana go to ensure we win in the Fintech space? How do we ensure we get the best and stay safe at the same time? What lessons are there to be learnt from other jurisdictions? What should happen in the age old debate of data sharing between banks and third party institutions? What can government do to ensure a level playing field for all involved?

More answers than questions are all here in this episode of the show.

Jeffrey and Farida were on hand to serve the latest in Apps and Trending tech stories, respectively.


#CITITRENDS S04 EP 12: Defining and understanding online privacy

Show Promos 66How did you feel when your dad used to listen in on your phone conversations as a teenager? That is at the heart of the privacy conversation.

What does online privacy mean? What does it take to ensure your privacy online? What are the do’s or don’ts?

Technology Analyst, Maximus Ametorgoh was my guest on the show. He shared some pointers including:

– Be careful of the platforms you visit 

– Look out for the policy of the platforms you visit. Be very sure and clear about your personal policy 

–  Who are your associates online? Know them and their ways fo life

The rest are in the show. Take a listen.

#CITITRENDS S04 EP 11: Reviewing the World of Technology in Quarter 1

Show Promos-18Two ladies.

Varied expertise.

One show.

Patience Teiko Tetteh, a freelance Software Engineer (@jbosschic) and Lady-Omega Hammond, the CEO of Ampersand Technologies limited (@loanah) joined me as we reviewed the top technology stories of the last quarter on the show this week.

Interesting thoughts about freelancers software and apps store revenue among others.

The mobile apps for the week from Jeff are to die for and well, Mark Zuckerberg took over the Trending segment of the show.