#CitiTrends Episode 21: 22nd Century education in Ghana vrs Ghana’s App ecosystem

Source: unr.edu
Source: unr.edu

Another amazing week and another great show on #CitiTrends.

Education is a key component in every country’s development. All over the world, the way in which students are being trained and taught is changing. People today get a lot of their information on the web and through their mobile devices. But is Ghana ready for these changes in the structure of its educational system? Micheal Mino is the Director of Digital Learning at the Ghana ED21 Programme and he lends some insight.

The world of mobile apps is getting bigger and bigger. It is currently a multi billion dollar industry. From the developer to the marketer and then to the final end user, what happens? I sat with Louis Manu, Product Development and Innovations Manager for Airtel Ghana to have a chat about that.

Nana Ama Agyemang Asante shares some insight into Ruby, Shifu and Genius as the mobile applications for the week and Mawuli Tsikata brings us up to date with the latest in technology news from around the world.

Need i say more?


Accra, Ghana

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  1. Great and very interesting discussion. There are a lot to be done in our education system

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